Thought of the day

Why do we put down successful for things they did years ago?

Don’t we all make mistakes and learn from them?

Yes, I agree there are some things people do that are so bad they should be punished in some way for them, but nowadays anything that someone did that was the norm years ago comes back to haunt them.

If we are so afraid of making mistakes then we live in an environment with lots of cover ups and lies ruled by people who have psychopathic tendencies with really good lying/covering up skills.

It was interesting to hear on a podcast about Theranos where the owner lied to get the company up to 10 billion but then when the lies surfaced about the results of their product, it crashed to next to nothing.

So let’s think twice before we critisize anyone and look at what good they’ve done as well.

This is something we learn in Toastmasters where we give feedback on what someone did well and where they could improve. This is in deep contrast to how many people give feedback in real life or on the internet.

Summarising: Think twice before saying anything negative, and always look for something positive about someone before tellign them what they did wrong.

Pivot Tables using VBA

Had an interesting case the other day.

How to create a pivot table with 60,000 rows that uses the data from 500,000 rows and the aim was to count by month how many unique employers each of the 60,000 customers had in each month.

So a little VBA to the resuce and in less than an hour a new worksheet called “Show me the data” was created.

One can only imagine how long mere mortals would to try to manipulate the data to achieve their desired report!

So sometimes when you have a hammer, you sometimes need a different tool if the target isn’t always a simple nail.